About Us

Paola Ciucci founder of "Livinglucca" is an official tour leader

Villages' Treasure Tour

Did you know that most little villages of Lucca’s area are rich in treasures, with stories that will last you a lifetime? Native people are proud of their villages, understandably very proud... with centuries of tradition underpinning their way of life. We give you the opportunity to be part of their world for one day, to discover how this aspect of Italian culture has been well-preserved... and why.   

In a single day you'll experience:   

  • The “Lodovica” provincial road on your way to the “Pedogna” valley. 
  • Vetriano where you can admire "the smallest theatre in the world," only recently restored (by the Italian Environmental Fund) after years of  being abandoned.  
  • A memorable visit to Colognora, a small charming village near Vetriano, where you can admire another rare gem, the “Museum of  the Chestnut and Rural Culture.” 
  • A genuine Slow Food Movement lunch break, tasting the local cuisine, and meeting the people who grow and prepare your meal.  
  • Pescaglia, where -- at the bottom of an incomparably beautiful valley -- there’s  another rarity: the village of Celle di Puccini, original birthplace of the Puccini musical dynasty which later moved permanently to Lucca . To honor the Maestro's memory the Associazione Lucchesi Nel Mondo has set up a Museum of Puccini. You'll be able to enjoy the original Puccini family furnishings of 1700, like a splendid example of the old country kitchens of that period, and the pianoforte where Puccini composed part of  Madama Butterfly. The gramophone given to the composer by Thomas Edison is also there, and there are many other treasures, including a rich collection of autographed letters, original music, autographed scores, records and photographs which trace the life and successes of the Maestro. 

This tour will start around 10,00 a .m. and you’ll be back to your accommodation at about 5,00 p.m. It's a short trip, but you'll see all of the above... without rushing at all, at a leisurely Italian pace, the way in which Lucchesi do it.